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Call To Doody

Edmonton's dog waste removal service

Our Mission

Call To Doody pet waste removal is a dependable, convenient, affordable pet waste removal service. Regular pet waste removal prevents the spread of harmful bacteria and disease and helps to protect the environment. Let us do the dirty work so that you and your family can enjoy your backyard.

Why our customers love Call To Doody: 

  • We are dependable: Call To Doody crews arrive on your scheduled service day and get down to work, no matter the weather.

  • We are convenient: No contracts to sign - and you can cancel anytime.

  • We are affordable: We show up every week, but customers only have to a pay monthly fee.
We'll do the dirty work, while you spend more time with your family


Did you know?

We also offer:
- Landscaping services
- Snow removal
- Lawn care

Contact us for more information.